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"We made a lot of significant changes in our original university plan from the courses we were interested in, to the region where we wanted to study. Preeti supported us and our parents in each step of the way :) She helped us to find the university that was the best fit for us taking into account our academic interests, financial capability, and personalities. Her expertise and extensive experience make Preeti a fantastic support to any student applying to university whether they are interested in Medicine, Economics, or any other program!  She knows the ins and the outs of the college application process, from requirements to personal statements. Lastly, one of the best things about having Preeti as your higher education counselor is that meetings with her are safe spaces, without judgment, where you can explore your potential choices together holistically and collaboratively.


Thank you, Preeti for everything! We are delighted with our choice, and this would not have been possible without you :)"

Ananya and Amulya Sanagavaram, Twins- India
Trinity College Dublin, Ireland


+420 776746826


+91 8411963280

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