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"The options for university destinations today have amazingly increased, creating a world of quality learning and opportunity in multiple parts of the world.  However, figuring out a list of universities and destinations can be a confusing process.

We help you keep the following in mind throughout the process of International education guidance:



Your interests, your story.


Family and friends choice or is it your choice?

Are your reasons for applying to universities based on your interests or family expectations, family university legacy, your aunt and uncle’s advice or following your friends?


Looking at national universities vs. universities abroad:

National destinations vs. Destinations abroad

Have you considered all your options?


Different Application Processes Around The World

Did you know there are multiple platforms that you might need to apply through for some countries and universities and kick start the application process? 


Financial Options

Learn the difference between Scholarships, Financial Aid, Work Study, On Campus and Off Campus earnings and multiple ways to think about funding options. Different countries have different rules and tuition pricing for international students. 

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