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Processes and Guidance

Innustame’s goal is to guide students to navigate opportunities in advanced education and professional degrees. Find the right fit with personalized meetings, identify the programs that best suits one’s profile, interests, and goals.

Finding Opportunity


Personal statements are central to any graduate school application and help universities understand a student’s intellectual motivations, research interests and extracurricular activities. 

Personal statement guidance


Prep for your interviewing skills in one-on-one mock interviews helps boost a student’s confidence and enables one to ask interviewers the right questions.

Interview prep


Students need concise, clear and compelling accounts of their experiences and eagerness for graduate study. I suggest ways to broaden and deepen your life stories with specificity before applications are due.

Developing your resume


How do you get the best possible recommendations from employers, managers, and professors? Innustame guides this process.

Recommendation strategies


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