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Workshops for Institutions

1. Where in the World can you go? 


2. Passport Hierarchies

Spotlighting University Host destinations that support your journey

3. Geopolitical Shifts

 and university locations

4. Contextualization

Navigating University Locations

5. Beyond Ranking

 A Global World

6. Beyond Traditional

University Host Destinations

7. Diversity of the African continent

Spotlights on  university host destinations

8. Diversity of Europe

As a host study destination

9. Asia and the Middle-East

Spotlights on university host locations

10. The Minefield of Global Admissions:

Terminology, Global Admissions, Geopolitical shifts and Current Scenarios

11. Are GAP Years Priviledged?

Planned and Unplanned Gap Years 

12. Request Personalized Workshops

Specially Curated Topics

International School of Dakar, Senegal


We have invited Preeti and Innustame for two years to be an integral part of our annual week-long college kick off program.  The parent and student response has been overwhelmingly positive with people asking "when is Preeti coming back?".  She also has presented to our students in small and large groups and is skilled at getting their attention and answering their questions.  She supports the work we are doing with families but is also conscious of not overstepping.  She adds significant value to our events with her expertise in newer, non-traditional destinations for university studies. Spending time with Preeti is some of the best PD I've ever done!

Lisa Ball, High School Counselor, International School of Dakar, Senegal

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